Research & Development

Decades of research and development in the quest for clean renewable energy has resulted in cutting-edge technology able to harness the extreme power of high altitude winds, thereby giving cheaper electricity prices.

Altitude Energy estimates that on application of its technology in Australia electricity prices would fall by about 15%, while positively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

About the EGR Technology

The Electric Generating Rotorcraft operate in the powerful, persistent and reliable winds over most of Australia at an altitude of 4 km or more. They are highly controllable and capable of being flown in arrays for the large-scale supply of power. The power produced has a base-load capability.

Extensive theoretical and experimental studies at the University of Sydney and more recently by Altitude Energy Pty, Ltd. have shown how base-load electricity at a multi-megawatt scale can be generated at altitude in a feasible and low-cost manner, without the noise and visual impacts.

It is well known that extremely powerful and persistent winds, called jet streams, exist at altitude in both hemispheres. Over Australia, these winds are amongst the best in the world, if not the very best, based on their strength, persistence and reliability.

The Competitive Advantage

Airborne electric generators have the distinct advantage of avoiding the visual and noise impacts associated with ground-based wind turbines. Operating at altitudes of around 4km or more, Altitude Energy’s generating units are out of sight and out of ear-shot. This feature overcomes community concerns about conventional ground-based windmills. In addition, because the wind resource exists over all of southern Australia, there is no need to site our units at obvious prominent locations as is the convention with conventional windmills. They can be conveniently sited in controlled airspace, anywhere in Australia’s vast regional and remote area.

Cost Efficiencies

At altitude over Australia and around latitude 30 degrees in both Earth hemispheres, the winds are about 80 times more powerful and 3 times more persistent than the winds generally available to ground-based turbines. This makes the upper energy resource the largest and most powerful renewable resource found anywhere on Earth, far exceeding that of the solar, wave, geothermal or any other renewable resource.  As a result the cost of electricity production cannot be surpassed, including even that from coal-fired power stations.

Sustainable Technology

Numerous overseas studies have shown that the world’s total upper-wind resource has 100 times the power necessary to supply the power needs of all of civilisation. In other words, it is argued that the extraction of 1% of this wind energy were to be made to supply all of Earth’s  current power needs, then there would be an insignificant disturbance to the planet’s environment and climate. Therefore, Altitude Energy’s energy extraction technology is entirely sustainable.


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