Royal Aeronautical Society

Date Published: June, 2011

Extensive technical details of how the generating quad-rotorcraft operates and how it is constructed can be found in the following reference entitled “Rotorcraft to Capture High Altitude Energy.”

This extensive paper was presented to the Royal Aeronautical Society, London, at its conference on ‘Future Rotorcraft’, 15-16th June 2011.

Please contact the Royal Aeronautical Society in London for a copy.

FDI Associate Paper

Future Directions International

Date Published: May 2012

Altitude Energy’s Electric Generating Rotorcraft was showcased as an Associate Paper .

AWEC remote presentation

Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2015

Conference: June 2015

Altitude Energy were delighted to guest present remotely at the 6th International Airborne Wind Energy Conference at the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands.


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